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14 March 2010

Grove slam, Work it Back, Filter that, Baby Bump that Track

Gaga did again, all 9 minutes and 32 seconds of her revamped video, “Telephone” captivates even the virginal. Gaga calls out to every girl that wants to dance around in her underwear in public.

Her Quentin Tarantino tribute has gone viral after its Thursday premiere. Director, Jonas Akerlund, sexualized the chain clad Gaga while emulating and honoring Tarantino’s films Kill Bill and Bulletproof. Crazy has never looked so good with Gaga’s cutting edge fashion and pop culture fusion. The video’s sexual anthem did a great job of conveying sexual innuendos in a discrete and oversexed manner. A long-winded rumor ends in the first scene as Gaga clings to the cell’s barred doors with covered nipples and her bits and crannies revealed. “I told you she didn’t have a dick.” “Too bad.” Thanks for clearing that up.

Things to take away from the video: tired of loosing your phone at the club? Take Gaga’s advice; wear it in your hair. Obviously her phone up-do’s screams to the essence of her video and song, but was all the product placement necessary? Although the ode to Tarantino was ballsy and fantastically crafted, it’s fair to say with all the Virgin Mobil snapshots, and Diet Coke can rollers in her hair, Gaga gained a few bucks for this one. But that’s not all, Wonder Bread, Chanel, and Polaroid are just a few other brands subliminally thrown at the unsuspecting audience.

We did get a (regrettable) cameo appearance by the once recognizable Tyrese Gibson, thanks for showing up, but I don’t think this will reintroduce you to stardom. However, we were fortunate to see a sexed up Beyonce glammed out and jamming out. She really stepped out of her comfort zone with the choreography and wild fashion statements. Note to self Beyonce dearest: hanging out with Gaga works wonders. Overall, the video is cutting edge spectacle and a statement against the norms. Who is to say if cigarette glasses will catch on, but “Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger,” and with the message of this video clearly anything is possible. Still GooGoo for Gaga.

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Anonymous said...

Gaga will make a guest appearance on GLEE sometime soon, as well as Madonna. Since you are an avid follower--thought you should know every side of her.