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30 November 2010

From Hogwarts to High Fashion

Emma Watson has transformed from a frazzled frizzy-haired tween into a gorgeous fashion icon. As the last chapter of Harry Potter comes to an end, Emma has laid down her books and wand in exchange for high end designer couture and style. Emma is a sophomore at Brown University and ecstatic to live a magic-free ordinary life. However, her clothes remain unordinary, and her taste exceptional. This is one young rosebud that will continue to set the trends and rock the fashion industry. Her looks run a gamete from classic, tomboy chic to high fashion. Her oscillating guise reveals her ability to channel any time period or style effortlessly. We can't wait to see how else she will inspire and ignite our fashion fire.

27 November 2010

No Fur to Faux Fur

It's that time of year again. Winter is here, it's time to bundle up next to the fire with a vintage Vogue and ponder what trend to bring back. And vegetarians beware, what is keeping everyone so hot and warm this crisp and frosty season? Fur. It's the one guilty pleasure everyone shares. However, there is no need for a protest or a statement; there are options for the environmentally friendly --faux fur. Because what is fashion without fur? After all, we are animals aren't we?

St. John

21 November 2010

Bird Call

Juicy lovers, Juicy haters beware. There is a new brand in town, and it's calling your name. Bird by Juicy Couture features an elegant rocker chic look accented with sparkle and shine. Bird takes off of Juicy's attention to detail and fascination with every woman's inner stylistic badass. The Holiday 2010 collection is housed in a few locations throughout the United States, but can also be found at Nordstroms and Dillards. Classic Holiday pieces meet the edgy grungy streets hinted by a subtle amount of necessary sparkle and glam. Bird has already taken over the streets of LA and NYC, all that is left is your closet.

Ribbon Chiffon Blouse

Laminated Fleece Hoodie

Leather Leggings

Feather Sleeve Tee
Cap Sleeve Waisted Dress

16 November 2010

Tis the Season for Tights and Booties

Nothing screams the holidays more than a delicate pair of booties and a well worn pair of tights. Tis the season of giving, indulge yourself.

Trouve' 'Focus' Bootie

Trouve' 'Sabrina'

Anthropologie Caladoc Heels

Anthropologie Upended Ankle Boots

Michael Kors 'Tatum' Oxford

Elizabeth and James 'E-Moxy'




09 November 2010

Lanvin Does H&M

From the asymmetrical pleats to the ruffled madness, Lanvin for H&M undermines the word show stopping. The vibrant color palette and daring silhouettes allow the everyday fashionista to invest in a dream collection.

H&M told Lanvin, "Alber you make so many people dream in fashion. Let's see if you can take that dream and translate it to a bigger audience." The idea intrigued Lanvin. In response to his collection for H&M he said, "we created a dream and I hope it makes you feel good."

Who couldn't appreciate the simplistic elegance of these jaw-dropping silhouettes?