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03 March 2010

Goo Goo GaGa

The avant-garde seductress known as Lady Gaga has shattered boundaries and shocked audiences with her unconventional lyrics and dynamic fashion sense. Gaga’s fans soon became a following as the superstar’s every move has been idolized or criticized for the past three years she’s spent in the limelight. Her fame has reached unmanageable heights with the release of her latest album, The Fame Monster. If you’re as addicted to her every move as we are, don’t sweat it there’s a hot spot that will satisfy your every Gaga desire. provides eager and curious fans with updates, pictures, events, and lyrics to help you manage your daily Gaga-intake. With her unforgettable style and quirky statements, its no wonder she has a site dedicated to her every move. Thank you Gagadaily for granting us access to our favorite Fame Monster, the Lady herself.

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