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17 May 2011

Kate Moss: Danzigner Project Gallery

Raw, vulnerable, honest and chic are all qualities that help shape the iconic career of Kate Moss. Moss' career is visually stimulating and controversially satisfying. Her successes, toils and troubles were experienced in front of everyone and amplified by the media. But what sets Kate apart from the laundry list of aspiring models that loiter the streets of Los Angeles and New York? Her photographs capture more than her inherent beauty, but manage to offer a raw-natured essence of herself. Claiming Moss trail-blazed a path for fashion from the late 80s and continuing today would undermine the dedication and energy she has exerted in the fashion arena. But the time has come to do more than recognize her significance, but to step back and remind ourselves of the unique and distinct path Moss has paved.

New York's Danzigner Projects gallery has an exhibit dedicated completely to the work and accomplishments of Moss' career. The photo gallery features photographs from world-renowned photographers such as Mario Testino, Annie Leibovitz, Terry Richardson, Glen Luchford and Chuck Close. From her choice in men to her confrontational track record of mayhem and controversies, Kate's life has been anything but boring. As her life played out in front of the media it was simultaneously displayed through her photographs. She was able to turn the most undesirable characteristics into aspirations and necessities for the modeling and fashion world with a waif, heroin chic body type and persona. She displayed her vigorous love and tumultuous relationships with thrashed and trashed hotel rooms. Her unpredictable nature laced with drug-induced stints. Her maturity in a superficial world by raising a child. And, most importantly her honesty through her ability to share her captivating beauty. The Danzigner Project gallery is open through June 30th, which allows ample time to appreciate a significant seamstress who unites the fashion industry. 

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