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28 April 2011

The Jolie-Pitts: Revisiting the Rawness

The Jolie-Pitt's are a bunch hounded by the relentless paparazzi and haunted by the limelight. What does a paparazzi capture with their photos? An instant of grief, annoyance or insincerity waiting for the shutterbugs to run out of battery life. But what if the photographer behind the camera is someone you love, you trust and respect. It is undoubtedly certain that the photographs are guaranteed to turn out with a genuine rawness that actually captures an essence of the person in front of the camera. 

Back in November of 2008, W Magazine challenged Brad Pitt to take on the roll as the photographer and capture the accessible and intimate spirit of his partner Angelina Jolie. Angelina in her own element, comfortable and surrounded by family leaves us with no question about how she has achieved the status of one of the world's most beautiful women and a daring fashion icon. Her confidence and beauty transcend her celebrity surface; Pitt accomplished capturing the real, raw and honest beauty of Angelina Jolie.

Images courtesy of W Magazine.

21 April 2011

High, Waisted and Laced Part DEUX

A pair of my favorite pants are some high-waisted acid washed jeans from Urban Outfitters a few years back. Acid wash is always a daring wash to try, but with the right neutral on top the two can compliment one another and effortlessly exert a sense of glam that revitalizes the scariest trends and moments of the wild and reckless 80's. 

20 April 2011

High, Waisted and Laced

High-waisted anything is a guaranteed year-round staple item. Here is a three part dedication to some of my favorite lasting pieces that will carry me through the next few touchy seasons of San Francisco weather. Wearing Trouvé boots, a LF maxi skirt, a Free People bralette and ready for the sun to come out again anytime soon. 

18 April 2011

Coachella Calling: 2011 Style

If the trendiest bands weren't enough to entice your Coachella heart strings, the fashion must have won you over. We adore. Viva Coachella 2011.

Images courtesy of and 

14 April 2011

Feathered Frenzy

When you're tired of your go to statement fringe that takes your outfit from zero to sixty in seconds what can a fashionista do to make a statement that screams bold, confidant and beautiful just as loud? Feathers. Feathers in your hair. Feathers on your dress. Feathers on your bag. Feathers on your shoes. Just feathers. 

Is it the influence from Natalie Portman's breathtaking performance in Black Swan that has characterized our feathered friends with humanistic traits? Or is it a natural draw to nature's organic beauty? Whatever it is, we are loving it and are ready to spread our wings and embrace the boldest trend of 2011.

12 April 2011

Knitted in the Knolls

Wedges, trousers and knits are the perfect combination to trump the temperamental spring weather. Throw on the layers and go for an adventure under the unpredictable skies of San Francisco.