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06 April 2011

Wide-Legged Nation

Spring trends have been tucked away in your closet awaiting even the slightest signal of a sun-filled day. An overzealous fashionista might run towards her go-to pair of frayed cut-offs or flowing maxi skirt to embrace the light at the end of her closet. But spring is a transition period into the summer heat, so despite the overwhelming eagerness to delve into bohemian-battered shorts or the hippie-inspired flowing freedom that your comforting maxi skirt provides, let's remember to dress accordingly. Lucky for us, spring trends are oozing comfort and class with wide-legged trousers.

J. Crew


Tory Burch

Michael Kors

Wide-legged trousers are a misconceiving bunch with multi-purpose results. Pair them with wedges for an uptown day at the beach or a flat accessorized sandal for an ample stab at class on a warm spring evening on the town. Their variety of styles and fits create a walking contradiction. Whether you crave a distinct outline of your hourglass shape or the illusion of free-flowing fabric adhered to your figure; the wide-legged trouser is your spring tool for style, warmth and satisfaction. 

Elizabeth & James

Free People

Shake off your feminine chic tops, strap on your spring footwear and embrace our favorite spring trend that doesn't need any additional styling, but will complete your look once you slip them on. They are a flattering fit for every body type and an instant essential thanks to their timeless relevance in fashion's big bag of tricks.

Elizabeth & James

Corey Lynn Calter

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