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09 April 2011

A MonTree Memoir at Loft 1513

Here is a pictorial documentary of fashionistas on a mission.



Hailing a cab to the fashion show, (in this case MonTree's collection featured at Loft 1513) is a critical step for every hopeful fashionista. 

Eager photogs relentlessly snap away at the hope of the perfect angle, luckily I had photographer Torrey Fox on my side.

Friendly fashionistas.

Darling Larissa, owner of Loft 1513

The brains behind the detailed beauty, designer Monica Wontorski.

Me and Monica.

Fashionista fin.

All images courtesy of Torrey Fox photography.

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Michelle Ruiz said...

I am so glad I stumbled across this blog! So adorable!!! I was supposed to go to the event too, but couldn't make it :(

C.E. McAuley said...

You seem to be having more fun than I am. Perhaps I should become a fashion photographer.