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03 March 2011

Born Which Way?

Lady Gaga's Born This Way music video debuted this past Monday. This kaleidoscope adventure is jam-packed full of powerful and necessary messages and portrayed through the artistic eyes of Gaga. There is no doubt that this video required devout dedication to create from beginning to end.

This may appear a delayed post, but this is a video that calls for excessive reflection and may result in confusion and motion sickness. All I can say is the make-up is phenomenal and at least her chain-clad bikini is accessorized to perfection. I am rarely speechless, but this video speaks for itself. You'll need time to reflect. Eat your hearts out little monsters.

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C.E. McAuley said...

This is definitely worth reflecting upon - and returning to. What I find particularly interesting is the use of the music from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. There are many mythological, primal themes at work here as well.