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23 February 2011

Poncho Villa: A Fabricated Revolution

The poncho makes its guest appearance into everyone's closet. It is the unspoken piece that ignites a fashionista's imagination and transports her or him to a level of flawless grunge. Fall 2011 is the season of the poncho. It is time to bring out your ageless piece and ruffle the fringe and indulge yourself in its shapeless comfort.

Dress it up or use it to cover up a shameless and urgent escape from the house, the poncho's versatile form can elevate an outfit from the depths of fashion's worst faux pas. However this is not an invitation to dabble and distort the poncho's premiere purpose. It is your statement piece, so please don’t try to use it as a stepping-stone. The asymmetrical lines, fringe infested raw edges and kaleidoscope inspired prints are a tangible expression of a designer’s dream world. Get lost in the comfort, get lost in the shape, embrace the revolution that has never left your closet and dust off your vintage poncho for fall.

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Fearlessat40 said...

Cool - the only thing that would make this blog cooler is pictures of you in a poncho steph. Great piece.

pink elephants said... that you christie?
and im lovelovelovingggg the panch these season.
great blog

C.E. McAuley said...

I'd like one.

Jennie said...

Where can I get one? =)